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Snowy day at the HCM offices.

Central NJ has a snow day today. The office is going to be empty. Shaping up to be a really productive day!

Breaking out my summer clothes! It’s 25 degrees Fahrenheit this morning!

Highly recommend these North Face E-Tip gloves. They are thin (almost mitten liner thin) but they keep my hands warm and work well on touch screen devices.

Whew Re-entry is a bitch.

Made a delicious batch of carnitas for New Year’s Eve. What did you eat?

Happy New Year!

Today’s Sea Glass Haul

Kelly “Old Barney” Restaurant at Barnegat Light, NJ

Snow at Barnegat Light, NJ

Barnegat Light, NJ

Teaching daughter to drive. Just returned from lesson #1. Car and father-daughter relationship still undamaged. I’d call that a success.

Fun break activities: 1. Pokémon Go 2. Destiny 2 3. Geocaching 4. Teaching my youngest daughter to drive.

Now that The Christmas holiday is over I’m settling in for a bit of R&R. A few research projects, cooking, and video games all on the agenda.

Trying the new mac os app. Pretty nice.

I gotta wire this thing up to Wordpress.

I wonder if the FBI is getting calls from John Miller.