Steve Giovannetti

Screen time using a problem. Quality screen time , or rather the lack of it, is a big problem. Apps and content should have food-like nutritional labels/ratings.


Off to The People’s Republic of Austin today. Keep it Weird.

Just picked up this gem for $5 at my local shop. 🎵

Current Move streak 197 days?

Published my TaskPaper to OmniFocus Action to the Drafts Action Directory. Wish I could get a list of Projects to present to the user to set the target project.

Happy Earth Day

It’s been a while since I’ve really used Flickr but I still get activity especially this one:

I could spend all day watching @jetpens pen and stationary videos. ❤️🖋📕

Howdy, from Drafts 5!

On my way to Nebraska. I have never been to Nebraska.

Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary to me and Mrs. Gio! 🎉❤️

Impossible rock formations. Faye Canyon, Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

Plaza Blanco

Santuario De Chimayo

Santa Fe Plaza

Years ago the engraving on this moment was vandalized to remove the word “savage”. Many in the city considered this an improvement and decided not to have it repaired.

Pecos Pueblo, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico