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“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

The Electric State Movie

Wow The Electric State by @simonstalenhag on track to become a movie!?! If you haven’t seen this book, go get it. It will blow your mind. 🤯

Now that’s what I call a movie theater.

Old Barney in the Snow

Bird Truck Stop

Frozen Horseshoe Crabs on the beach.

New pen! Pilot Prera Slate Grey Fine Nib. Currently loaded with Iroshizokku Kon-peki ink.

Answer the Question

‘This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions’: U.S. ambassador offers uncomfortable silence

This is what I wish US Media would do. If a politician tries to dodge a question the next reporter should ask the same question until it’s answered.

🎵Every 1s A Winner - Ty Segall is a great cover of the Hot Chocolate classic.

My hopper looks like a tricked out SUBARU WRX. 🤡

Dreaming of Summer

Twitter usage way down for me so far this month and will likely stay that way for 2018. Still monitoring for DMs from friends and family but not checking my timeline at all. Hoping to move completely to for the foreseeable future.

Conservation of Energy by Vanishing Twin is real groovy man. 🎵

Really looking forward to the 🎼 discover page. 😀

After some reflection, I really disliked season 4 episode 1 of Black Mirror. Interesting concept but in the end it was predictable and inconsequential.

East Coast Pigeons are Tough

My first fountain pen. A TWSBI ECO with a fine nib. It’s filled with Noodler’s Forest Green Ink. (I blame @dowdyism and @imyke)

Listening to Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Purple Afternoon

Dark Sky letting me down today. Weather Underground wins the App of the Bomb Snow Vortex 2018.