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The Fish Police - Japanese Girl at 30,000 ft. 🎵

Now playing in Austin. Decemberists - Sucker’s Prayer 🎵

Train to DC, flight to San Antonio, drive to Austin, fly back home to Newark. This is the business I have chosen.

Beautiful day at the Jersey shore. Spring is in the air no matter how chilly it may be.

Wow. This Kigumi Museum is totally on my bucket list. I saw some of this work first hand in Japan. They do wonders there.…

Switching mail clients on the Mac just to see if I can improve my workflow a bit. Now that my mail has a new face I’m noticing all the junk lists to which I’ve been subscribed.

Recommended: Plumbago No 3

At 30,000 feet with my fountain pens sequestered in plastic bags, the lowly pencil is king.

This last nor’easter did some damage in our town. This is some of the worst and it’s still in this condition days after the storm.

Added a new Velcro patch to my Savage Industries EDC ONE. Now that’s a steely-eyed missile man’s bag!

Rain turning to snow here in Central NJ (yes it’s a thing!) should be a “fun” weather day. I’m going to the office.

Just pulled the snow shovel out of the shed. Another snow filled nor’easter on the way.

The boat ramp in town and the streets were slightly flooded on the island but we’ve weathered the storm relatively unscathed.

It’s a Robbie Basho kind of morning.

Robbie Basho - Pavan Hindustan

I’ve been immortalized by my favorite podcast 😀 Thanks @imyke and @dowdyism!

Arrived in Phoenix last night in the rain. Never experienced that. Normally I land at 10:30pm and it’s 95F and dry as a bone. 💀

Can we get some public funding for day care?

I’m in good shape to complete InCoWriMo only two more letters to write with more days left in the month. My mastery of vintage social media is in full swing.

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

One of my birthday presents was this fantastic book. Detialed notes on every Pink Floyd release. 📚